Decomposition (2015)

Prophecy of Apocalypse (2013)

Swirl (2010)




Under the Flayed Skin (2016)

      for 9 players: pianist, flutist, clarinetist, violist, bassist, percussionist and conductor

Co-Composition (2015)

      for a cellist and a percussionist

CounterPoint Prevails (2013)

      for two pianists and two percussions

Cosmos (2013)

      for clarinet, violin and piano

Sunny Rain (2012)

      for pipa, English horn and two percussionists

White Noise (2012)

      for two violinists, a viola, a cello, a double bass and two percussions

One Day We Will Disappear... (2011)

      for Saxophone Quartet

Intricacy (2011)

      for 15 solo strings

Instigation (2010)

      for soprano/alto saxophone and piano

Can You Read My Mind? (2010)

      for a male singer and chamber ensemble


Under the Flayed Skin (2016)

      for a male speaking pianist

Co-Composition (2016)

      for a cellist

Marvels; Endless (2015)

      for a vioinist

Bubbles... (2015)

      for a toy recorder